The best package of benefits ever assembled
for owner operators is available!

Group Major Medical PPO Plans

Offering three medical plans that will provide you and your covered family members with the protection you need for everyday health issues or when the unexpected happens. Call (877) 517-8900 today for plan details and to obtain a quote.

Truckercare Membership

A CDAoA Truckercare membership provides an array of supplemental health insurance products and non-insured benefits, including wellness programs and services as well as value-added discounts and services.

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Supplemental Health Insurance Programs

Hospital Indemnity Plan

Three levels of coverage to choose from for budget flexibility. The hospital indemnity plan is a scheduled benefit alternative that includes benefits for hospitalization, in-patient and out-patient surgery, physician visits, X-ray, labs and more.

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Term Life

Affordable term life insurance that makes sense during your working years and is available for a 10-year term. Coverage is from $25,000 - $200,000.

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Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance helps assure you that money won't be your family's major worry when you're gone. Premiums are level and do not increase with age, also cash value accumulates.

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Disability Income Protection

Protection that replaces your income in the event of a non-occupational accident or illness that would cause you to miss work.

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Accident Plan

This accident plan helps offset unexpected medical expenses that can result from a covered accident. You're covered both on and off the job, 24 hours a day!

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Critical Illness Protection

Prepare yourself financially for the added costs of battling a critical illness, which is the number one cause of bankruptcy and foreclosure in America.

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Dental Insurance

Brighten your smile with an insured dental plan which includes preventive, basic and major services, as well as child orthodontics.

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Vision Insurance

The vision plan is an easy-to-use copay plan covering exams, lenses, frames, contacts and more.

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